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Double Standards???

Ok, is it me or what?  Seems to me that a majority of men always want their cakes and want to eat it too.  Seems to me there is a double standard when it comes to what is expected from a female and what is expected from a male.  Case in point, , ,

Men can hang out with the boys, do all sorts of lively things; but as soon as his woman wants to hang out, there is a serious problem.  I see this and hear this all the time.  The bit about always acting like a lady. . . well if you want a lady, then, excuse me mister, act like a gentleman. 

I often wonder where these standards started, and do truely intelligent people believe these standards to be fair and valuable traits, or even reasonable?  Or have we as society accepted these standards through fear of fight or flight????  Is acting like a "lady" a needed characteristic, one which says…she’s a good person?  Have we allowed society to color our perception on what is acceptable and what is not based on the needs of quite a few individuals who love cake, but still want to keep it!  

Or, perhaps it’s just my ego talking here. . . Sit Ego.  Sit!!!